And the 2022 BCF Topwater Film Invitational Winner is..

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And the 2022 BCF Topwater Film Invitational Winner is..

The world of fishing is a realm that constantly evolves, surprising enthusiasts with new techniques, challenges, and feats. The 2022 BCF Topwater Film Invitational was no exception, showcasing a breathtaking array of talent, creativity, and passion in the realm of topwater fishing. Let's dive into the riveting moments and standout performances that made this event a true spectacle.

Brooksy and Matty - A Showstopper on a Stand Up Paddle Board

The spotlight of the event undoubtedly fell on the dynamic duo, Brooksy and Matty, whose awe-inspiring feat took the trophy. Their winning film captured an extraordinary moment: reeling in a massive GT while balancing on stand up paddle board. This never-before-seen footage left viewers in awe and marked a world-first achievement. The combination of skill, daring, and innovation displayed by Brooksy and Matty was a true testament to the adventurous spirit of the sport.

Back 2 Basics - A Journey of Resilience and Love for the Reef

The second-place winners, Back 2 Basics, composed of seasoned reef explorers Az, Strick, and Tom, took us on an unforgettable journey. Their film beautifully conveyed the challenges and triumphs of embarking on a reef adventure with mates. Full of setbacks and comebacks, the trio demonstrated the importance of perseverance and the joy of getting back to the core of their passion where it all began. Their film served as a heartfelt reminder to cherish the simple pleasures amidst the majestic beauty of paradise.

Coastal Chaos - Shattering Stereotypes and Embracing Splendor

Coastal Chaos, securing the third position, shattered stereotypes in their captivating film. With stunning visuals both above and below the water's surface, the team proved that anyone can conquer the world of topwater fishing. Giant fish, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking coral formations provided the backdrop for a heart-pounding adventure that left avid anglers and viewers in sheer amazement. The film was a celebration of the inherent diversity and inclusivity that the sport embodies.

Beyond the winners, the 2022 BCF Topwater Film Invitational showcased an array of teams that went above and beyond to produce remarkable content. Each film was a labor of love, a tribute to the sport, and a testament to the dedication of these fishing enthusiasts. From thrilling captures to picturesque landscapes, every film captured the essence of topwater fishing in its unique way.

The 2022 BCF Topwater Film Invitational was an event that united anglers, storytellers, and adventurers under the common banner of their passion for fishing. The winning films encapsulated the boundless spirit of the sport, from daring feats to cherished moments of reconnection with nature. Brooksy and Matty's groundbreaking achievement, Back 2 Basics' resilience, and Coastal Chaos' empowerment all contributed to an unforgettable event.

As the sun sets on this year's invitational, we're left with a deep appreciation for the artistry, skill, and camaraderie that define the world of topwater fishing. Congratulations to all the participants, winners, and everyone who made the 2022 BCF Topwater Film Invitational a resounding success. Until the next adventure unfolds, tight lines and happy fishing!

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