Northern Addicts - United by that WA passion!

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In the realm of fishing, bonds formed on the water run deep, transcending the mere act of casting lines. This is the story of Northern Addicts, a tight-knit group of friends whose connection was sparked by a shared love for fishing. As they gear up for the prestigious BCF Topwater Film Invitational, their passion for throwing stick baits and witnessing the raw power of pelagic fish inhaling them unites them in a pursuit that goes beyond competition.

For Ben, Lachie and Jarvis, fishing is more than just a hobby – it's a way of life. Their goal is to showcase the exquisite beauty of the Western Australian coast on the grandest of screens. With its teeming marine life and awe-inspiring landscapes, Western Australia's waters are their canvas, and the pelagic predators are the stars of their narrative. The boys have also recruited Sydney Swans player and passionate fisherman, Isaac Heeney to their team. 

Watch as the boys showcase the very best Western Australia has to offer and show the world exactly why West is best! 


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