Salty Seamen Set to Shake Up the 2023 BCF Topwater Film Invitational

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In the realm of fishing competitions, where adrenaline runs high and the thrill of the catch meets the art of cinematography, the 2023 BCF Topwater Film Invitational stands out as a beacon for angling enthusiasts and content creators alike. 

What makes the Salty Seamen took out the crown as the Amateur Film Comp winners and secured their entry into the 2023 lineup. However, their participation in the Topwater Film Invitational marks a new chapter for them as they venture into the unexplored realm of topwater fishing – a method that lures fish to the water's surface and demands a unique set of skills and strategies.

Led by their captain Kurt, the Salty Seamen comprise a group of virgin topwater anglers. Their lack of experience in this specific technique adds an element of unpredictability to their approach. But what they may lack in familiarity, they make up for in sheer determination and innovation. With a limitless sense of adventure, this team is not afraid to dive into uncharted waters and experiment with wild ideas to reel in the best shots and the best catches.

Behind the camera, capturing every splash and strike, is Brett from Coastal Chaos – the third-place winner of the previous year's TFI. This collaboration between seasoned anglers and a skilled cinematographer promises to produce a visual masterpiece that not only showcases the art of fishing but also tells a compelling story of camaraderie, passion, and the unyielding pursuit of adventure.

As the countdown to the 2023 BCF Topwater Film Invitational begins, the fishing community is abuzz with anticipation. 

Get behind the Amateur Film Comp Winners Salty Seamen on the socials! 

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