Unveiling the BCF Topwater Film Invitational: Celebrating Angling, Conservation, and Creativity

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In a groundbreaking event that's set to redefine fishing competitions, the BCF Topwater Film Invitational is poised to bring together angling elite from around the world to showcase not only their fishing skills but also their creativity and passion for preserving our precious waterways. Presented by SCF Australia, a pioneer in fishing, events, and media, this unprecedented contest is set to premiere on Saturday, November 5th, 2022. The BCF Topwater Film Invitational (TFI) is more than just a fishing competition; it's a platform for creators to fish, film, and inspire others to advocate for the protection of our waterways.

Hosted by SCF Australia, a prominent figure in the fishing community, the BCF Topwater Film Invitational embodies the ethos of sustainable fishing, clean waterways, and safeguarding the interests of future generations. This event serves a dual purpose: to raise awareness about environmental issues related to water bodies and to generate much-needed funds to address these concerns.

The primary focus of the TFI is the mesmerizing Great Barrier Reef, often referred to as the seventh natural wonder of the world. With over 1,500 species of tropical fish and being the largest living organism on the planet, the reef is a prime location to demonstrate the beauty, recreational fishing opportunities, wildlife, cultural experiences, and stunning scenery. More importantly, it acts as a canvas for conveying why the preservation of this global treasure is an imperative mission.

The event's spotlight shines on ten teams of influential anglers, each handpicked to participate in the BCF Topwater Film Invitational Australia 2022. The list includes Andy’s Fishing, Back 2 Basics Adventures, CAST, Coastal Chaos, Brooksy & Matty, Reef Addicts, Reel Destinations, RoKKit Kit, The Explore Life, and The Mad Hueys. Each team contributes a 20-minute official film, competing for a share in the impressive prize pool of $137,500 AUD. The excitement doesn't end there—these films will be presented to the public for a vote to determine the People’s Choice Winner of the BCF Topwater Film Invitational Australia 2022.

While the invitational sets the stage for an exhilarating competition, it's also a beacon of hope for environmental causes. The event's reach extends beyond the fishing community, promoting the urgent need to safeguard The Great Barrier Reef and other waterways. A portion of the profits generated will be channeled to esteemed environmental charity partners: OzFish Australia, Sharks and Rays Australia (SARA), and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

VIP Gold Class Charity Premiere Screenings are slated for Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and Gold Coast Event Cinemas, offering a truly exclusive experience. With all proceeds directed towards OzFish Australia projects, these screenings promise a blend of entertainment and philanthropy.

For those eager to join in the excitement, the Topwater Film Invitational Smartphone App will go live at 6 pm on Saturday, November 5th, 2022. Access to exclusive high-action films comes at a nominal fee of $25, granting four hours of riveting content.

The BCF Topwater Film Invitational is poised to redefine the world of fishing competitions. Blending the thrill of angling with the creativity of filmmaking and the urgency of conservation, this event serves as a testament to the power of human innovation and collaboration. As the films hit the screens and the public gets the chance to vote for their favourites, let's collectively celebrate the fishing community's commitment to preserving our waterways for generations to come.

For press access and inquiries about the TFI app and films, contact info@topwaterinvitational.com

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